“COLL” means “instinct” in Celtic. We aspire to foster an ecosystem where people can put their instincts to work, life experience, and come across unexpected surprises and joy with art. Chopsticks ART project was first launched in 2016, striving to create an environment to incorporate art in more daily life objects. Coll realized the increasing customer demand for art immersive products and experience in Hong Kong. Therefore, Coll founder CollShop in September 2019.


COLL Shop is a platform that promotes and incubates talented artists and their craftsmanship to boost the appreciation of art. COLL Shop provides diverse and distinctive lineup of products directly from the artists, including accessories that fuse design into everyday products with traditional craftsmanship.

COLL Shop shares and embraces creativity that looks for collaborations and partnerships. The brand selection process is extremely unique which one can barely find similar approach used anywhere else. We want to encourage artists to stay true to their beliefs by partnering with them who have innovative ideas and designs to give daily life objects an artistic touch. We emphasize on “superior design” and innovative concepts for any object/item that can be used in daily life as essential standards for our products.


Design has always been an integral part of our culture and a big part of who we are. First, we search the soul for the product line by reaching out to potential artists in Japan and Asia Pacific. Second, we represent and grow with the artists making their design and creation available on COLL Shop. The objective of COLL Shop is to make designer products with unique designs widely accessible.

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