Collaboration brand “735 ” by ceramic artist Ito Nanzan and line artist Go Satoko.The traditional craft technique of Ito Nanzan has created a new form of Kyoto and Shimizu ware based on this design. Get closer to the world of Kyoto and Shimizu ware! A ceramic brand born from the encounter of two writers with the concept of Cute birds and flowers, fish gathering in the cage, and strawberry and pear fruit designs. Colorful patterns in the colorful Kyoto / Shimizu ware world will add color to your daily life.

Traditional craft skills

735 represents a new attempt to turn bone china, which was not found in Kyoto and Shimizu ware, with the skill of a traditional craftsman, Ito Nanzan.

Bone China's soft white color makes the colorful colors more vivid. The pattern carefully drawn by the craftsmen one by one without any hassle is a taste unique to crafts.



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